testimonials 2010-present for Mark J. Markus

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“Mark has been very professional when working on my case from start to finish. He always responds very quickly to any correspondence, and was always on top of things (even if I fell behind!).   He explained everything thoroughly and I never felt like I was alone. He made a process that seemed very scary at first quite manageable. I highly recommend Mark’s services to anyone.”

R.N.–Los Angeles, CA January 2010

“Now only one hour in Asia to enter into the New Year of Tiger, as I looked back to the past year, the most important and the most appreciated person during that hard time is Mr. Mark, without him, I could not restart my financial life and regain the confidence in many things in both near and far future. Though a lot of his previous clients had praised him with so many good things of his service, I am here still very grateful to those compliment and to Mr.Markus again, and add to those comments but not as overpraise: Quick response, accurate information, detailed explanation, kind-hearted patience, clear and firm solution, and finally once again, I am so grateful to his help!”

T.Z., West Covina, California. February 2010

“My partner and I had to move to Canada unexpectedly and had to try to sell our house while we were gone – then the housing market crashed and we were left with a loan that was much more than our house was worth. Not to mention debts for moving and just adjusting to a new country. We struggled for about three years to keep meeting our obligations in the US all the while living in Canada. We researched bankruptcy lawyers, emailed and spoke to a number of them and we were really looking for someone who was willing to tackle our specific situation – filing bankruptcy in California while living in Canada. Mark was amazing – he listened to our confusing case, without judgment and gave us our options. Everything was very thorough, in terms you can easily understand. There is a lot of paperwork, but he went over them meticulously to make sure we had everything just right. he was always available and would answer emails within the day – often within the hour! Because our case was rather complicated, it was continued a couple of times, and each time Mark was very supportive with answers, calls to the Trustee and finally convincing them that everything was in order and we should get a discharge. I cannot say enough great things about our experience with Mark, he made an intimidating process easier to negotiate and was always very professional and accommodating.”

T.A. and I.G., Kamloops, Canada.  March, 2010

“I want to thank you so much for all your help in the bankruptcy process and for helping me obtain this fresh economic start I desperately needed. Thank you for your quick responses to all my questions and for your patience in answering all my questions and concerns. I knew I had selected the best attorney when I read your extremely detailed web page filled with information about the bankruptcy process and when I observed you had an A+ from the Better Business Bureau.

I extremely appreciate your extremely quick responses to all my questions. Mr. Markus would respond to most of my e-mailed questions within 3 hours, even when I would e-mail him at 9:00p.m. in the night and on weekends. Thank you so much for all your help.”

M.A. Sherman Oaks, CA.  March, 2010

“Mark Markus did a wonderful job in helping me file for my bankruptcy. The whole process was easy to understand and he answered every question or concern I had right away and in simple terms. You won’t regret obtaining his services!”

L.M., Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  April, 2010

“Mark Markus is experienced, thorough and extremely conscientious– the most important qualities one would want in an attorney. He made my experience as painless as possible and I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

J.E. Woodland Hills, CA. May, 2010

“Mr. Markus is extremely thorough. If you’re looking for someone who will cross all the t’s and dot the i’s, then hire Mark Markus. Without his services, I would still be in extreme financial turmoil. Now I can breathe a huge sigh of relief and get on with my life. Thank you Mr. Markus, for a new lease on life.”

C.S. Burbank, CA. May, 2010

“Like many, I never expected to go through bankruptcy. I had many questions and was very leery of getting the wrong legal advice. Mark’s website was so informative that I decided to contact him. I am very glad that I did! Mark is truly an expert on bankruptcy law and took the time to explain everything. He is very professional, very reassuring, and he answers emails promptly! Put your case in Mark’s hands–you won’t regret it!”

S.M. Los Angeles, CA June, 2010

“I feel so lucky to have found Mark J. Markus to help me with my bankruptcy case! I have worked and talked to quite a few attorneys in the past, and I have to say, nobody can compare to Mark. He is fast, specific, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional.
I had a bankruptcy case that was closed without discharge due to a failure to file Official form 23 (2nd Credit counseling). I talked to several lawyers as I was trying to find someone good who would be able to guide me through reopening of my case in order to get a discharge. I didn’t feel very good about any of the lawyers I talked to, until I found Mark J. Markus.

He replied to me immediately, and he always did throughout our work together. He explained in detail what needed to be done and what the chances are for my case to be re-opened. He was very knowledgeable about it. He quoted me the price for his services immediately (which were very reasonable compared to some other greedy lawyers I talked to), and told me which papers to send him. My motion to the Judge was filed less then a week from the first time I contacted him. I was amazed by his professionalism and prompt action.
The judge answered within 5 days, and my case was re-opened, and I will be getting my discharge! I am so happy with the result, and I know I only have Mark J. Markus to thank for it.
I will always recommend him to all of my friends and family and I am happy we have such great attorneys in California. Thank you Mark!”

ES, Los Angeles, CA. July, 2010

“I never thought that I would have to file bankruptcy, however I found myself in a situation with no other options. I interviewed two other bankruptcy attorneys before a met with Mr. Mark Markus.The other attorneys made me feel that they did not have the knowledge to handle my complex case.  That was not so with Mr. Markus.  After our first meeting, I was confident that he was the one to handle my bankruptcy.  From my initial meeting, he was able to answer all my questions.  He quickly determined which kind of bankruptcy filing was best for my case.  He made the process as easy as filing bankruptcy can be and filed all necessary paperwork with the court promptly.  He was readily available by email to answer any questions that I had.  Sometimes, I emailed him late at night on the weekend and got responses within the hour.  His expert advice was invaluable to me and provided a discharged of debt without any problems.  I fully recommend Mr. Mark Markus as a leading attorney in the field of bankruptcy.”
B.I., Riverside, CA August, 2010

“Mark, thank you so much for all of your help. Your guidance through a very difficult time is very much appreciated. Your thorough knowledge and expertise were critical to my comfort in this process, and I knew from our earliest conversations that I selected the right attorney for this work. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
S.S. West Hollywood, CA. February 2011
“Mark’s website (which is how I found him) made me aware of what was needed in order to start the process. The information contained on Mark’s website is an education in itself. I had considered several other attorneys prior to finding Mark, but there was no question that he was the one for me. You cannot go wrong hiring Mark, and I thank him for his invaluable services.”

C.G., Canoga Park, CA. June 2011
“After having my identity stolen, my five star credit status disappeared rather quickly. After losing my job assisted with that becoming a nose dive, I knew I needed help. I saw Mark’s ad online and set up an appointment with him. He was clear, concise and very kind to me. He made it easy to talk and never made me feel like someone who had failed. Instead, I felt supported throughout the entire filing process. When the day of my court date came, he met me there and put me at ease. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a competent, compassionate lawyer…and I have!”

C.S. Valencia, CA.  July, 2011

“Mark helped us through a very tough and difficult time in our lives.  A bankruptcy weighed heavily on our minds and, not to mention, our self-esteem.  His counsel, understanding, and flexibility eased our discomfort and gave us the courage to take the necessary steps toward rebuilding our lives and moving forward with our future.  Life will never be easy, but with Mark’s advice and help we realized that it can be manageable. Thank you Mark for all of your guidance and help.”

A.A., Los Angeles, CA  August 2011

“Thank you so much for helping me through an extremely difficult time. I appreciate your being there with all the questions and concerns I had. I am so pleased that everything worked out so well, and I have you to thank for that. Thank you again!”

L.S., West Hollywood, CA November 2011

“I recently completed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy with another attorney/law office. My case had a few bumps along the way and I wasn’t feeling confident in the service I was receiving from my attorney. I found Mark on line and sent him a quick e-mail explaining my situation. He immediately wrote back and researched my case and gave me his professional advice. He actually communicated with me more than my attorney ever did and he didn’t make me feel like I was a “loser”. He treated me with respect AND compassion. I would recommend him to anyone that is considering filing for bankruptcy.”

M.L., Los Angeles, CA.  January, 2012

“I am extremely satisfied with Mark’s representation of my bankruptcy case. From the first meeting he was pleasant and reassuring. He walked me through the process and answered all of my questions and treated me like I was his most important client. Mark is very knowledgeable, professional and kind.

He patiently answered all my questions either on the phone or via email. He never made me feel like I was bothering him or he didn’t have the time to address my questions. I never had to remind him of anything. He seemed to store all of his clients’ information in his head! I would recommend him to any family or friend in need of a lawyer and would not hesitate to contact him in the future. If you are looking for an honest, dependable lawyer call Mark J. Markus. Thanks to Mark I have learned a lot through out this whole process, and now I have a chance to start rebuilding my financial future.”

I.B., Beverly Hills, California.  January 2012

“I can’t recommend Mark Markus highly enough for the great work he did on my bankruptcy case. I had a very difficult case where all other attorneys I spoke to said I could only do a chapter 13 bankruptcy because I didn’t qualify for a chapter 7. After speaking with Mark, he told me there was a good chance that I could qualify for the chapter 7, but that he didn’t know for sure until he received all my information. While at first I thought this might be more wishful thinking than reality, I was very happy to hear an attorney who didn’t quickly jump to a conclusion about what I qualified for and what I didn’t without knowing the details. Needless to say, I was able to successfully file a chapter 7 bankruptcy without any problems thanks for Mark. Only someone with his experience could have done what he did for me and I wouldn’t hesitate for one second to recommend him to anyone considering bankruptcy.”

R.K., Irvine, CA  February, 2012

“I came to The Law Office of Mark J. Markus with no knowledge about bankruptcy cases and it’s processing. Mark J. Markus is incredibly knowledgeable and was great at explaining my case and the legalities of it to me. He did an exemplary job on my case and with his superior skills and willingness to work hard truly gave my case the best outcome. I liked that I could easily communicate with him thru our emails, the communication, professionalism and knowledge was very good. I really felt well represented and was very happy with my lawyer. Thank you Mr. Markus for the remarkable job! Your industry reputation was not only helpful but also proven to be true. I could honestly say that you are fantastic in your career and worth being recommended to who ever will need your expertise.”

M.P., Los Angeles, CA  May, 2012

“My family and I would like to thank Mark for his hard work regarding our case. All of our questions were answered in a timely manner. His patience, assistance, and knowledge were an invaluable part of the entire process.”

J.H. Burbank, CA August 2012

“Very Happy! My bankruptcy went quick and with no problems. Thank you!”

L.M. Los Angeles, CA  October, 2012 

“I enthusiastically recommend Mark Markus without reservations. Mark is very knowledgeable, responsive and proactive. Throughout the duration of my case Mark had my best interests in mind. Due to Mark’s thorough representation and good reputation my Chapter 7 case proceeded smoothly. I can’t imagine attempting to file bankruptcy without representation. Mark’s services resulted in a successful discharge of my debts. Thank you Mark.”

M.B., Orange County, California. January , 2013

“There is nothing fun about filing for bankruptcy, or with dealing with all the stress and decisions leading up to doing such a thing. It felt like everything was an irreversible mess before I contacted Mark! I was recommended to him by a friend, and I am very happy with how everything worked out. Mark made the entire process quick, clean, and simple. He was patient and answered all of my questions without delay. Thank you for making sense of it all, and for helping me get back on track.”

M.M. W.Hills, California.  February 2013

“Having Mark help us with our bankruptcy was a very smart decision on our part. He made an unpleasant process as simple as possible. He always responded quickly and professionally to our calls and emails. Our previous experiences with lawyers were not good ones. They reinforced almost every bad stereotype. Mark has restored our faith in the profession.”

J.S. and M.S. Valencia, CA. April 2013

“Mark, I would like to thank you for all your help, making this stressful process easy to understand. Reality is that we get what we pay for, and I am very glad I did..because you are the best. Thanks again!”

S.M. Covina, CA June 2013

“I have no problem in saying that Mark Markus is the best bk attorney you could ever have. STOP looking around and get Mark on your case right now. Mark handled our corp and personal bks a few years ago with a knowledge and precision that I admire, and I been dealing with attorneys for a long, long time. Mark’s communication skills are nothing less than the very best. I’m writing this because I made a small mistake when I filed those bks with Mark a few years ago. Mark could have abandoned me and shoved me to the back burner. He didn’t. Instead Mark spent hours counseling me and explaining what I could do to correct my problem, at no charge. Go ahead, find an attorney that would even talk to you, let alone advise you on a case four years-old! Mark did. Really, if you want to be considered as a real person and not just a dollar-figure, have Mark handle your bk. I know what I’m saying. And so does Mark.”

D.J. Alhambra, CA  June, 2013

“Mark Markus is a very kind, knowledgeable and competent bankruptcy attorney. You would be doing yourself a dis-service to look beyond Mr. Markus.

Our particular situation was not a basic “no asset” filing. Multiple properties, businesses, assets and relocation across state lines; all contributed to a less common and more confusing filing.

After reading about bankruptcy mills and attorneys who lure you in, only to treat you like one of their other quick turn clients; was certainly not going to be satisfactory to give our case the time and research needed for our best interests.

We discovered Mark after interviewing many other attorneys; we presented all of them with important questions about particular residency laws and their exemptions pertaining to our case. Some said the laws were not an option for us while others said they had never heard of these laws.

When we asked Mark these same pre-qualifying questions; he responded immediately. Thanks to Marks knowledge and willingness to champion the cause of our residency details under the law, allowed us federal status with approximately $43,000 in additional exemptions.

Mark was incredibly responsive to any and all of our questions. Mark even spent an entire Sunday, on Mother’s Day, working with us to meet an unforeseen filing deadline (due to a last minute curve ball we threw his way). Mark completed all of the details and filed our case at 11:00pm, 1-hour to spare. He was fully invested. This follow through action by Mark saved us another $6,500. Clients only dream of such accommodations.

We are writing this testimonial; not only because it is our pleasure to do so, but we feel it is our duty to enlighten and guide other potential bankrupt individuals to a reputable, competent, attentive, personable, and amazingly priced counselor.

D.A. Los Angeles,CA October 2013

“I’m extremely thankful to Mark and his services in helping me find the bankruptcy relief I needed. He was extremely knowledgable on everything which is very comforting in a time of financial turmoil and uncertainty. What I appreciated the most was how prompt he was in responding to questions. There was very little waiting for responses which showed to me his incredible work ethic. He is truly invested in the welfare of his clients, not just in the primary goal of getting debts discharged, but also in trying to provide whatever comforting information in the interim. While I certainly never wish bankruptcy on anyone, if I ever came across someone going through financial hardship I would definitely recommend them speaking to Mark.”

H.S., Los Angeles, California.  November, 2013.

“At the time I realized that I wasn’t going to make it financially I had no idea what effect a Bankruptcy would have on my life. I feared the worst: lose my car, my furniture, my inheritance, Possibly my home. Not only did Mark walk me through every step of the way with clarity and Efficiency, he allayed my fears without patronizing me or making me feel stupid for any question I had asked.

He answered emails consistently within minutes, even on weekends and in the Evenings. His instructions were always clear and concise. He handled every aspect of the process With the utmost professionalism. I rarely write reviews but it is the very least I can do in this Case.

Hiring him was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

S.L., Los Angeles, California. February 2014

“From the moment I first contacted Mark when I was searching for a bankruptcy attorney, he stood out way above all the others I contacted. I knew right away that he was the perfect fit for my situation. And when I did move forward, he made the process as simple as possible.

Whenever I had questions, and there were many, he responded instantly and left me feeling very comfortable. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has to go through a bankruptcy.”

D.T., Sherman Oaks, California. February 2014

“Mark helped me with my bankruptcy last year (sorry it took so long to write the review!).   He was very helpful and answered my questions in a timely manner. He is very professional and he definitely knows what he’s doing. He also knows his laws. I didn’t have to meet him face-to-face or talk to him over the phone. Everything was through email, which is what I preferred. He even helped me almost a year after my case. If you want your bankruptcy done in a timely manner, go with Mark.

He’ll make you feel less stressed about filing.  Great service.”

SS., Los Angeles, California.  June 2014

“I never believed I would have to file bankruptcy a second time. However, due to some unfortunate circumstances I found myself contemplating the necessity of bankruptcy again; therefore I contacted Mark Markus because he had handled my first bankruptcy.

Returning to Mark was an especially easy decision. He was never judgemental, yet extremely compassionate and always the consummate professional. I was worried that I couldn’t file again. Mark did wonders to allay my fears. Although this bankruptcy was more complicated I never felt overwhelmed. I felt as if Mark was holding my hand throughout the entire journey.

It was as if I was his most important client. His response time to my question if not quick seemed almost immediate.

His fee is extremely competitive. I never felt as if I was being taken advantage of; in fact I was pleased and surprised at what I was being charged.

Mark took the time to explain each and every step along the way. I never felt confused or lost. I know it may sound ridiculous but it was a surprisingly pleasant experience.

I cannot state more emphatically how fortunate I was to have Mark Markus as my bankruptcy attorney.”

CB, West Hills, California.  August 2014 

“I did quite a bit of research to find a really good, highly rated attorney as I needed someone who specialized in not only Bankruptcy, but Tax Bankruptcy also. I have to honestly say that I’m really glad I found Mark Markus!

He was super-helpful and patient in explaining the ins and outs of my case which was somewhat unique and tricky. Never once did I feel rushed, and always felt like a priority client.
His detailed instructions and guides were very helpful and he walked me through everything.

I HIGHLY recommend Mark J. Markus!”

TA, Los Angeles, California.  March 2015

“Mark is a professional! He was on time for our meeting, cut to the chase with the issues. Explained the options available to me.(albeit not many options at this point), but nevertheless was frank with me and although bankruptcy is not currently the proper venue for me and my situation, if it become proper in the future I will be calling Mark again.

Many attorneys in this field are shark-like as they have a captive and desperate audience. Mark was open with me and it setting up appointments through his website were very convenient. Thank you Mark for your help!”

N.S., Los Angeles, California.  May 2015

“It’s been more than 6 months that Attorney Mark J. Markus helped me with my BK. Mark showed a great deal of experience, professionalism and concern when we first discussed my situation. He explained the whole process in such a way that I understood. Thank you Mark for being so patient from beginning to end. I truly appreciate you for your professionalism, courtesy, promptness in responding to my questions and concerns, and guidance through out the whole process.”

M.C., La Verne, California. June 2015

“Mr. Markus was the only attorney who could answer my legal question and provide relevant case law for it as well. I was very impressed with his quick response and knowledge of the law.”

A.D., Fountain Valley, California.  August 2015

“Very satisfied with MJM’s service. I had no experience with bankruptcy and he answered a number of my questions up front before I paid retainer, which was a big help in deciding which direction to go.  Others would not answer any questions until retainer was paid so you’d have no idea of their knowledge until too late. He was also very quick in replying to my emails where he answered all my questions, which is great when you’re going through the stress of a bankruptcy. He was thorough, patient, and diligent. I highly recommend his services.”
D.G. Blythe, California. November 2015. 

“Thank you Mark for all that you have done for me. I highly recommend Mark Markus.
There is just way too much info to research, forms to fill out, complex bankruptcy laws, etc.  The paperwork alone is so much and detailed with complexity.  The list just goes on and on. It is absolutely crazy to do on your own when your financial situation is on the line. You really want someone who is honest, tells you how it is, knows what he is doing, has done it for a long time, is certified in bankruptcy cases and is accessible.

Mark Markus is all the above and more. He cares for his clients and it really shows. Even after the bankruptcy is over, he still wants to keep in touch with you to see how you have progressed financially. What other place or attorney does this? His web site is full of information and he is also available to answer questions. He is very patient and great to get along with.

Do not go to just some cheap or low cost attorney or facility to do you bankruptcy. You will not regret using Mark Markus. Thanks again Mark.”

S.M. Stevenson Ranch, California. March, 2016

“When Mark Markus says he returns phone calls and answers emails promptly, he really means it! I was very impressed with his level of service. I needed to speak with an attorney right away, found Mark’s website and asked if I could speak with him that day, assuming that it would be highly unlikely. But Mark made it happen and he answered all my questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his expertise.”

S.R., Kern County, California.  August, 2016.

“Bankruptcy its a lot to deal with. However Mark made the whole process as simple as it could be. I was lost at first but Mark was very helpful in answering any questions i had and explained everything step by step.”

J.R., Burbank, California. August, 2016

“If you want the job done than you should not even think about going to any other bk lawyer than Mark. He is a professional you can rely on, who will always stand behind you and protect your interest.

No matter what day or time, he will make sure to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible providing you with all the necessary information. Working with him gives you the feeling of exclusive attention no matter how many other cases his working on. Professionalism, reliability, personal attention and outstanding final results is what you can expect.

My case from a regular one turned into a complicated nerve raking [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][sic] situation due to a mistake on my part. Nevertheless, during the whole process Mark was extremely helpful and took care of the problem as if it was not mine but his personal bk case. His professionalism literally got me out of trouble and if it wasn’t for him I definitely wouldn’t have been able to handle all the intricacies on my own. The final result and decision was even more than I was expecting.  So glad I used his services and I am extremely thankful to him for all the extra efforts. If you are looking for a bk lawyer, your search is over, you found him.”

D.D., Los Angeles, California. October, 2016

“From the minute I made contact with mark. He was incredible. He was always thorough. Quick to respond to emails and on top of his game. If one has to go through this process I can’t
think of a better attorney out there to have on my team. Thank you Mark. You made the unbearable not such a bad experience.”

D.B. and J.B., Burbank, California. November, 2016

“I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me out thru the process. I would also like to let you know how things are. Thanks to your help I was able to move into a nicer apartment. I was also able to get loan for a new vehicle. it was a small loan but I ended up getting a motorcycle over a car. which I heard was harder because its more of a luxury item. I do receive preapproved credit card offers but as of now im trying to avoid using credit. Thanks again.”

J.R. Burbank, California. January, 2017

“Preparing for bankruptcy is not an easy process to accept or understand. My attorney, Mark J Markus, exceeded my expectations and the positive testimonials he received. His knowledge and expertise as well as his encouragement and conviction with me throughout the filing gave me hope and a new sense of direction as I now move forward with my life. My bankruptcy, was perhaps not as complicated as some, but I am aware that I tested Mark’s patience and resolve! He was unflappable, stayed with me all the way–and I have emerged better prepared to meet all new challenges with fortitude and newly gleaned constructive advice! Thank you Mark–you’ve guided me, removed my burden, and restored my sense of hope! If you are considering bankruptcy, I highly recommend Mark J. Markus!”

B.B. Los Angeles, California. January, 2017

“After losing my home in the 2008 market crash, I did everything I could do to avoid bankruptcy and fight through the mess to get my finances and future back on track. I found myself, years later, having to make some very difficult decisions as how to handle this foreclosure and still be able to pay my bills.

My only option was bankruptcy, and as scared, frustrated, nervous, and hesitant I was at going through the process, I didn’t have a choice. My case was pretty complicated since there were a wide variety of issues that factored into the process.

I researched quite a few bankruptcy attorneys in the Los Angeles region and had several mini-consultations with them to see if any of them helped me feel a little more confident about bankruptcy. Needless to say I chose to go with Mark Markus.   Several months later, the process is over, and I can look back at how lucky I was that I chose to use Mark for this process. He was understanding, honest, thorough, and took the frustration, hesitation, and fear out of the process. His follow-up and timely responses to my questions was exceptional. It’s clear that his knowledge and experience helped me far beyond what I thought I would get. Without any hesitation or doubt, I would give Mark 10 stars if the scale when that high. My experience working with him, when I was at a low point in my life, has changed my future and I truly and most humbly appreciate and thank him for helping me though such a difficult time and process. I’d recommend him to anyone in search of a bankruptcy attorney.”

S.W., Los Angeles, California. June, 2017

“If you live in the San Fernando Valley (or really anywhere in the Los Angeles area), and you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, Mark is the lawyer you should contact. Earlier this year, I made the mistake of hiring a ‘cheap’ bankruptcy attorney. That person’s intentions were good, but he just didn’t know how to navigate my case. That person also gave me some bad advice, and since he worked for a large firm, he wasn’t able to give me the attention that I needed.
I moved on from that person, hired Mark, and never looked back. Mark was incredibly detail oriented. No stone was left un-turned, and when I finally filed for Chapter 7, I was completely prepared. He also answered all of my emails and/or phone calls within 24 hours – even on weekends!
I highly recommend hiring him. Your financial future is just too important. He will never sugarcoat your situation, and he will expertly guide you though the stressful bankruptcy experience.”

M.P. Burbank, California. August, 2017

“I highly recommend Mark to anyone needing a bankruptcy lawyer! He simply was awesome. He made the process simpler than I anticipated and explained everything in detail as the case progressed. Bankruptcy certainly is not pleasant, but Mark made it as painless as it could be. Thank you Mark for such a wonderful job!!”

D.S. Los Angeles, California. October, 2017

“Mr. Markus is a very strong and wise lawyer as a certified lawyer for the bankruptcy and he is a very kind person at same time. He helped me a lot when I really needed the professional help and support. I appreciate what he has done for me.
Now, I am discharged from the CH13 program. I wouldn’t have made it this far without his professional knowledge and wisdom. Thank you very much Mr. Markus, I wish you a very successful life as a super lawyer. Thank you!!!”

K.M. Los Angeles, California. February, 2018.

“Mark J Markus really helped me get my life back on track. I had no idea what I was doing and he walked me through the entire process. Mark was highly organized and very understanding of my situation. He is the best there is. Well worth it; highly recommend!”
P.M. Los Angeles, California. May, 2018.

“I’m very happy that I chose Mark J. Markus to handle my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. He is professional, straight-forward, honest and thorough. He makes himself available by email, and he always replied to my questions and concerns quickly. I will definitely recommend Mark to anyone who asks if I know a good Bankruptcy attorney. It’s hard to make a choice of attorney from information online, but that’s how I chose Mark and I am so glad I did.”
S.H. Sunland, California. June, 2018

“Mark and his office provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all of the details pertaining to my bankruptcy petition.

Mark’s attitude to the work he does not only saved me financially in so many different ways, but it also helped me to avoid other potential financial pitfalls, which we normally don’t think about, but Mark knows them all and may foresee them, he is experienced enough to prevent them, and to give you the right advice in a timely manner. His professionalism, astute legal mind, and generosity of spirit enabled me to proceed through the bankruptcy process without shame.

Knowing I had an attorney who was honest and trustworthy also eased the burden of bankruptcy.”
F.G. Philippines. March, 2019

“Were I to count on two hands the people who have offered the truest help and have made the most real difference in my life, Mark Markus would surely be one of them. His thoroughness, honesty and integrity are both precious and rare. He is an expert and knows his job well and is consistent in researching any unfamiliar issue, so the best results are assured. His reputation in the courts precedes him so things go smoothly and without issue. Mark is more intelligent than the average bear and beyond that, he cares. With deepest appreciation,”
SA, Los Angeles, August 2021.

Required Legal Disclaimer: The foregoing testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter