Testimonials – 2006-2009 Mark J. Markus

Required Legal Disclaimer: The following testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

“I fretted, worried and lost hair for far too long about bankruptcy.    It only got worse when I realized I had to do the pick a lawyer, any lawyer dance.  After speaking with the first attorney I called, I hung up the phone with a bad feeling; the expense was much higher than  I had expected, and I thought the paralegal or assistant I spoke with   (I couldn’t even talk to the attorney at this point) was less than knowledgeable.  Again I went into the night sweats, wondering if there was any way  around bankruptcy, but the lottery tickets I bought didn’t pay up.

The second attorney I called was Mark J. Markus.  I was pleasantly surprised to not have to run the gauntlet of legal profession telephone answers, and spoke directly with Mr. Markus.  I gave him a  brief rundown of my plight.  He listened patiently while I mumbled through it, never once making me feel hurried.  He answered  all my questions, explained what he could and could not do for me and quoted his fees for the service we agreed upon.   That night, for the first me in months, I didn’t wake up, scared out of my wits about what I was going to do; that’s when I knew I had  made the right decision.

Everything happened as Mr. Markus had claimed it would.  He was  direct, no-nonsense and always available.  He handled deftly a tough situation, never adding to the anxiety I felt or making me feel more the loser than I already did for the situation I had gotten myself  into.  The paperwork required took some doing, but was easily handled via emails.  The filing, the hearing all went as advertised. The fees I was quoted were exactly what I was told, nothing hidden,  nothing extra.  I would and I have recommend Mark J. Markus as an attorney.  If you’re at the point you are  reading this, the last thing you need is something else to worry about, especially your  own attorney.”

M.C. Los Angeles, CA;  Jan. 2006

“Having a high credit rating for much of my adult life, I never thought I would come to the point of having to declare bankruptcy.  After moving to a new state, signing a contract with a fraudulent debt consolidation agency, and not staying on top of my finances, things began to spiral out of control.  Creditors were calling my home, cell phone, and even making threatening calls to me while at work.  After coming home from work one evening and being subpoenaed on my doorstep, I came to the disheartening conclusion that bankruptcy was my only viable option.
I was scared, worried, confused, and unsure of what would lie ahead.  I immediately began researching via the Internet, message boards, telephone book, Better Business Bureau, and word of mouth for a reputable attorney to help me with filing.  After an extremely lengthy and arduous process of investigating my possible options I decided on Mark J. Markus for representation.

From the moment Mark took on my case, I felt as if I had a strong ally as my advocate. Mark is very thorough and detailed with all information and requests upon clients.  He is extremely reputable, punctual and always immediately available for response to any questions or concerns that one may have.

I would highly recommend Mark J Markus to anyone who is looking for superlative representation in these legal matters.  I thank Mark deeply for giving me the opportunity to a fresh start and for much needed peace of mind.”

C.B.; Los Angeles.  Jan. 2006.

“After an expensive emotional Divorce my financial condition was in the fast lane heading for a crash. With the burden of having to pay an obscene amount of spousal support as well as child support the thought of also having to pay off the balances of the credit cards, back taxes and attorney fees seemed an impossible task.

Struggling to keep my head above water my financial conditioned was not improving; expenses that typically are necessities in life like health insurance could not be maintained and after a minor health problem the uninsured Doctor bills finally made me realize that I needed some professional help.

The thought of filing Bankruptcy was not pleasant but I had no choice, my tax balances with penalties and interest were in the six figure range. I could borrow any money and I no longer had any more assets. I search the internet and found the Law offices of Mark Markus.

I have never written a testimonial and I don’t normally shout the praises of some ones services but I feel compelled to do so in this case. After reading the biography and answering a few initial questions I couldn’t believe how responsive he was. I received the retainer agreement and a package with a more detailed questionnaire that required information about my creditors and overall financial condition.

Mark Markus’s bankruptcy services were extremely thorough and easy to understand. When I had questions all I had to do was email my concerns and within 24 hrs I had a response. I remember once I sent an e-mail on a Sunday evening thinking I would get an answer the following week. I got my answer the same Sunday evening.”

D.H.  La Verne, California.  Jan. 2006.

“Thanks to Mark, we were able to recover from a financial set back which we thought was unbeatable. We were very much in debt and because of life changing events were unable to pay our bills. We literally felt like we had no one else to turn to until one day I happened to come across this site that would help us in our time of need. Thank you for guiding and assisting us in restarting our financial life that we thought was gone.”

B&G Cudahy, California.  February 2006

“Thank you so much for all of your efforts and assistance with my bankruptcy case.  I know that I was not a typical client, yet you never faltered or complained. I really feel that you give the legal community a good name, and in this day in age that is not an easy thing to do. Best wishes with your practice and thanks again.  You are one in a million.”

LL Los Angeles, CA  April, 2006

Thank you Mark for all your hard work, dedication and prompt responses throughout my filling.  You were extremely helpful and available making an otherwise nerve racking experience less painful.  Thank you again.

MG, Los Angeles. December, 2006

“I struggled for the longest time with the decision to move forward with filing for bankruptcy. I had my own judgements against filing, feeling like I had worked hard to keep myself above water, and not wanting to give in to the stigma of a bankruptcy. I was nervous and I called Mark…who was like a saviour. He was able to lead me through the decision-making process and guide me so that I could make a clear decision. Once I engaged his services, he was highly communicative and very helpful throughout the process. From the beginning of the process all the way through the discharge, Mr. Markus was by my side and on my

RT Los Angeles, December, 2006

“I interviewed several attorneys before selecting Mark. I found him to be professional, knowledgable beyond compare and above all responsive to any questions I may have had during the course of the bankruptcy. Most attorneys I spoke to projected they could probably get 50-75% of my $150,000 discharged, at best. Mark got $150,000 down to $1,300. Nobody in the city has more expertise in BK Law than Mark Markus and nobody makes you feel like you are their only client, like Mark does. Thanks buddy!”
A.L. Thousand Oaks, CA  March 2007

“I can only recommend Mark and his team.  With him, I always felt in good hands. Nobody wants to go through with this unpleasant process, but he helped me to a successful discharge.  He was straight, honest and always quick to respond.  I thank him for that!”
HG Los Angeles, California.  May, 2007

“I write this letter on behalf of my wife and myself to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your professionalism, steadfast belief in our cause and your unswerving dedication to serve us, the client to the best of your ability.  Our case was a very difficult bankruptcy, fraught with legal land mines and morass. Your expert advice and application of the Law allowed us to complete the bankruptcy with a minimum of delay and a maximum of efficiency. To your credit, our bankruptcy was discharged even faster than your conservative estimates. I would be more than happy to be listed as a reference to your firm and will gladly advise anyone with needs of your services to seek you counsel.”
RF and FF  Simi Valley, California. June, 2007

“Many thanks for your times, advices, patience and understanding in handling of my complicated bk. case.  Your expertise is really count.” [sic]

C.T., Los Angeles, California.  August, 2007.

“I want to thank you Mark J. Markus and recommend you to any one who has to go thru this process of bankruptcy.  There was a point when I expected the worst.  Due to your expertise I am done! As I read other comments I do have to agree: you always answered in a timely manner.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”

R. G., Los Angeles, CA  October, 2007

I would highly recommend Mr. Markus as he was very professional in all aspects of handling my case. The thing that impressed me the most was his quick, accurate responses to all my questions. Although my case was pretty straightforward, I haven’t used a lot of lawyers so I was pretty nervous.   The fact that he only specialized in bankruptcy made me feel more comfortable and he did an excellent job throughout the process.  Thank you.

TP,  Los Angeles, CA.  November 2007

“I would like to thank Mark J. Markus for handling my bankruptcy proceedings for me.  The process from beginning to end was professionally directed.  I appreciate Mark’s knowledge of the law and his attention to details.  It made me feel confident and assured of the final successful outcome.  Leading up to the decision and going through the process is a very emotional experience.  Mark’s guidance made it easy.  There is another important feature to me.  I live about 120 miles from Mark’s office and was able to conduct all of the proceedings and provide all necessary information by e-mail.  Again, my gratitude is expressed to Mark J. Markus for the excellent service.”

S.T., Indio, California, December 2007

“A Lawyer acquaintance in San Diego recommended Mark to me because she was too far away to help me.  That impressed me and I am so grateful she recommended him.  We did most everything on line.  Even though I never met him, I trusted him.  I appreciated the guidance and his patience to answer all my questions.  Thanks Again Mark!!”

A.B., Bellflower CA   March, 2008

“Mark was a tremendous help to me during a very difficult time. He was always very quick to provide information and to respond to my questions, and made me feel that my case was as important to him as it was to me. I happily and highly recommend him!”

B.L. April, 2008, Wrightwood, CA.

“I sought advice from Mark and retained his services after feeling very comfortable that he was the right attorney for us.  He was sobering in his advice, not judgmental and committed to representing me to the best of his ability.  I retained his counsel, but did not end of filing, which meant that he would not earn the entire fee.  As a trusted Advisor, this of course played no role in the manner in which he represented our case.  That’s called ethical lawyering, a concept often lost in today’s environment.  If you are looking for representation in a bankruptcy…stop looking..this is your guy.  I recommend him without hesitation.”

L.E. and T.E. July, 2008.  Manhattan Beach, California

“Mark Markus gets the job done.  No nonsense, straight forward advice and answers.  Mark was always easy to reach and quick to answer our questions.  He was extremely knowledgeable and got us a complete discharge of all our debts.  Thank you!”

JD and SB, October, 2008, North Hollywood, CA

“In this very stressful time Mark J. Markus made case very easy and promptly answered my questions with amazing response time. I recommened him to anybody who is in need of his counsel.”

ES, November 2008, Northridge, CA

“This email is long overdue.  I found Mark Markus on the internet and was so scared about chosing an attorney this way.  However, I read what others had to say, and found his website to be very informative so we chose Mark to help us through a very difficult time.

I cannot tell you how much this attorney helped us.  I had so many questions and he patiently answered each and every one.  I had to have been one of his more difficult clients.

If you are sitting on the fence just know you are in good hands if you choose to have Mark help you.”

CL, Los Angeles, California.  December 2008

My husband and I were unemployed after June 2004. I was forced to utilize my extensive credit to support us until we found anticipated employment. Unfortunately, jobs did not materilaize and credit was exhausted. Our only recourse for relief of our overwhelming debt was bankruptcy. A certified credit counseling agency developed a debt reduction program that we could not afford. They suggested using paralegals to file a Chapter 7. Careful research suggested that this approach was not a wise solution. An online search lead us to Mark. He was immediately responsive to our situation and ultimately developed a plan that allowed us to retain our autombiles, bank accounts and cards, and personal property. Mark was extremely patient and pro-active as he addressed our situation. All of our questions and concerns were promptly and thoroughly answered. At our request, he supplied an attorney to assist at the bankruptcy hearing. His attention to detail, followup, and professional knowledge, are non pareil. Mark is the attorney you should have in any bankruptcy action.

R.E., Los Angeles, California.  February 2009
“Mark Markus was exactly what I needed to represent me.  I wanted every transaction with my attorney to be discreet where I did not have to go to an office and have everyone see me and, I felt, judge me.  I did not want to have to come in everytime I needed to submit documents.  I wanted my lawyer to answer every question I needed answered.  I just wanted to make the whole process less stressful than it already made me.  With Mark, I kept my privacy.  Everything was done initially over the phone and then online.  Mark will always answer any questions via email.  I was wary at first with dealing with someone I found over the internet but I am proof that Mark Markus is the real deal.  Thank you, Mark.  Thanks for making everything less stressful for me.”
I.P., North Hills, California.  March, 2009.
“I highly recommend Mark for anyone you needs to file bankruptcy.He was extremely knowledgeable, professional and he never let anything slip through the cracks.His open communication was impeccable!”

 SR.,  Monrovia, CA.  March 2009
“My experience with Mark couldn’t have been better, especially under the stress of the situation. He is forthright, knowledgeable, and professional. Bankruptcy requires a lot hand-holding, not for emotional support but to guide one through an alien world, and Mark did a superlative job.�
DB., Los Angeles, CA  May, 2009.
I cannot thank you enough. I was so stressed last year when I approached you for advice. I felt utterly embarrassed and ashamed over my financial situation. My debts were financially overwhelming and emotionally draining. Before working with you, I couldn’t eat or sleep and suffered anxiety attacks. I really thought I might have a heart attack!
You calmly and professionally guided me through every step of the process. You are more thorough and straightforward than an attorney I have ever worked with. My life and the lives of my children are better because of you.
Now I can turn my attention to repairing my credit and rebuilding my savings. I would gladly recommend you to anyone who finds themselves in difficult financial circumstances.”
A.T. Agoura Hills, CA.  June, 2009.

“I would highly recommend Mr. Mark Markus. He helped me filing for BK Chapter 7 and [get my debts] discharged; very professional, always available, and very prompt answering any questions.”

Los Angeles, CA.July, 2009
“Mr. Markus made an unpleasant experience as easy as possible, and was very helpful in helping me resolve my bankruptcy issues. he answered all the questions I had and guided me to the best possible resolution. I’d definitely recommend him for any bankruptcy issues.”

D.S., SF Valley, CA.  August 2009
“Mr. Markus is really terrific at demystifying the bk process. He made, what at first seems to be, an intimidating and laborious ordeal into something understandable and manageable for the average person. Highly recommended!”
R.A. Burbank, CA.  August 2009

“Hi Mark, I was sorting through old paperwork and thought of you. Just a note wishing you all the best & thanking you, 2 years later, for the financial freedom I have experienced since you assisted me through the successful process of filing and being discharged. It indeed provided me with a fresh start….and I continue to gratefully live completely debt-free.”

S.H. Los Angeles, CA  August 2009

“Mark provided me with the information that I needed to make an informed decision, and then guided me through the process of filing for bankruptcy in a way that I felt comfortable with, and felt like I understood the steps as we went through them. He is good at his job, and I have confidence in Mark as a professional to handle the business of bankruptcy law.”

B.K. Sherman Oaks, CA October, 2009

“Mark’s greatest attribute is his prompt response to any and all your inquiries before, during, and after filing your case. He has implemented a great business model, utilizing today’s technology to operate his law practice efficiently”

M.S. Los Angeles, CA October, 2009

“Mark made filing chapter 7 as smooth and as easy as possible for me. The thought of filing can be very stressful; however, Mark led me through every step of the process. I would strongly recommend his professional and prompt services as an attorney.”

M.H. Los Angeles, CA  October, 2009

“You couldn’t ask for a more knowledgable and thorough bankruptcy attorney. Mark is very precise and doesn’t miss a detail. He is also extremely professional and very timely with his communication. Obviously a man who takes pride in what he does and his reputation reflects that. I highly recommend him in whatever capacity of service you need regarding your bankruptcy. Thanks again Mark!”

A.K., W. Hollywood, CA. October, 2009

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