Testimonials 1990s for Mark J. Markus

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“I recommend the internet as a medium to seek out legal representation. Face it, the telephone book isn’t much help. Too many names, not much information. I was relieved to find an attorney available on the internet. To me that means that you’re in touch with the times, willing to share information, and are easily accessible. All very important. The final ‘sell’ was your picture: You looked businesslike, ready to go to work right away, and without an attitude-and that’s exactly how you turned out to be.”

“You moved the process along quickly even though I dragged my feet and you were never pushy. You also were easily reachable by phone, answered my questions in a straightforward fashion, returned my calls promptly, and had confidence in what you did. In short, you relieved a lot of the pressure of the bankruptcy and did an excellent job.  I can recommend you to my friends but, on the other hand, I hope that none of my friends ever need your services. . . Thanks for all of your help.”

M.G., Arleta, California October 1996

“My wife and I found Mark Markus’ services to be on a highly professional level and even to exceed, through his caring and personal attention, what we might have expected from the run-of-the-mill lawyer under these circumstances. He helped make what is basically an embarrassing situation into a dignified procedure. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a sensitive and thorough approach to the reconciling of financial difficulties.”

G.B., Van Nuys, California November, 1996

“Thank you for everything, you made things much easier for me and unloaded a huge amount of mental stress. The [overall bankruptcy] experience was positive, as positive as a Chapter 7 can be. I was happy with your representation; e-mail made things extremely easy. You cleared up a lot of the process in the initial phone call and [throughout] the process.”

S.T., Los Angeles, California January 1997

” [With respect to the Meeting of Creditors/Trustee, we]are both relieved that this part of the process is over. We started to get a little worried when about 75% of the cases were continued because the debtor’s attorneys had made mistakes on their Schedules. When it was our turn, we were only asked a few simple questions. . . and were done in about 30 seconds. We would like to thank you for taking the time to make sure that our paperwork was complete and accurate. . . . I am very glad that we chose you to represent us. . . You should really be proud.”

S.P. and B.P., Camarillo, California March 1997

“Thank you for your excellent representation during our recent bankruptcy. You were not only friendly, trustworthy, and reliable, but efficient, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. You gave us good advice during what was a complicated case and charged us a reasonable fee. It was nice to be able to talk to you personally when we called and not a staff person. You were patient with our endless questions and responsive to our requests in a timely manner. Thanks again.”

Mr. and Mrs. D.Z., Agoura, California. July, 1997

“You made the process of filing bankruptcy much less stressful and difficult than we anticipated it would be. Though we never imagined that we could morally file a bankruptcy, we realize that it was the most responsible thing we could do. Having worked in collections before, I know firsthand that milking a creditor along with false promises is just a waste of time and aggravation for both parties plus [it] causes additional manpower expenses for the creditor. If in the future a large sum of money comes by way of a debtor, the option is still there to voluntarily pay creditors should the moral issue be overwhelming. Thanks again for assisting in making our lives flow more smoothly. Your internet site has made process all the more simple for those who live online. Your courtesy and attention to our many questions are beyond what any attorney we’ve ever dealt with has given, all for your reasonable fee.”

Mr. and Mrs. E.P. and M.P., Glendale, California. October, 1997

“Mark J. Markus’ representation and advice throughout my Chapter 7 filing went above and beyond the call of duty of any attorney. At the time when I contacted Mark, I was at wits end trying to manage how to pay off my bills and keep the creditors away. But each and every month the bills just got higher and higher as the fees piled and piled. Plus, as an added disadvantage, I was located overseas in a position that made it extremely difficult for me to get a hold of the situation on my own. From the start, Mark handled matters for me in a straight-forward, extremely patient manner. He was always contactable and there to reassure me when I had any doubts at all about my credit situation. And as an added bonus, he was on the internet and contactable by email, which made communication between us much simpler and less expensive than without. He was very prompt in responding back to my questions and was never too busy to take my calls or answer my emails. I would highly recommend Mark as he simply is the best attorney I have ever run across. I believe there simply is no better than him when it comes to the practice of bankruptcy law. And as one individual, I owe Mark many, many thanks for all that he has done for me. Thank you Mark!!!”

S.H. Ireland., (Huntington Park, California). June, 1998

“The experience I had with filing for bankruptcy was most unusual. Mark made it so easy that it seemed uncanny. It took just few questions over the phone and filling out the work sheets, even though I was dragging my feet, procrastinating to avoid the expected unpleasant experience, Mark was most patient and helpful. The last step of the process was a breeze, it took literally 30 sec. to complete the meeting with the trustees, and that was the end. If anybody asks me for recommendation when in struggle, [whether] to file or not to file for bankruptcy, I will have only one answer – just call Mark. Thank you Mark!”

N.O. Glendale, California. July, 1998

“Just a note to thank you again for your work on my Chapter 13 petition. I am still amazed the 341(a) First Creditors meeting went so smoothly last Friday…[T]he First Meeting went quickly and had so few questions, I think, because your Plan and the other bankruptcy documentation were so well prepared. The Trustee’s immediate approval of the Plan and waiver of the Confirmation Hearing is an acknowledgement of your thoroughness. Your assistance in this difficult time is very much appreciated.”

J.R. Los Angeles, California. January, 1999.

“Your patience and personal attention to our case is very much appreciated. It took away much of the stress and apprehensions associated with filing for Chapter 7 and we believe that we made the right choice in lawyers to represent our case. You answered every question and returned phone calls promptly, which in a situation like this is very important. We will recommend you to anyone else we know who is in need of your services.”

Mr. & Mrs. T.J., Los Angeles, California. June, 1999

“From the start, Mark was honest, kind and straightforward. He went above and beyond the call of duty for us with our particluarly nasty bankruptcy matter. Because of his diligent and determined efforts, our future once again looks bright and promising; for a long time we weren’t sure it was possible. Mark truly is the exception to the rule and if necessary, we would not hesitate to use his services or recommendations in the future.”

LC August 1999

” On Monday, I received a document from the bankruptcy courts indicating that my case has been discharged. I am quite relieved and very thankful for this news and ultimately am very thankful that I was able to have utilized your services during my rather unfortunate errors with too much credit handed to me. I am shocked by the process of my case and actually how smoothly the process was thanks to your handling of my paperwork. I’m not entirely happy about having to deal with a bankruptcy and that error will linger with me. I did my best to find a better way but it wasn’t meant to be. So while I’m still not proud of my decision to file, I am so very thankful to you Mark, for assisting me with my case. Finally after several in debt years, I’m able to start fresh and move along in life with a lot less stress. I am truly thankful to have had your expertise on my case and I will undoubtedly send any one I know that may fall in the same unfortunate situation as I had, to you. Now I do think I’m smarter for the experience and the groundwork to be much more careful in the future has been set. So with this experience, I will move on, very very grateful to you as my attorney and very grateful to this fresh start! Thank you so very much Mark!!!”

BS, Los Angeles, California. September, 1999.

“I’m content w/ the representation you gave me and would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone in a similar situation. Even though I know my case was relatively straightforward, the process is by nature unpleasant and confusing. You certainly helped at every stage in the process and I am definitely glad I did not attempt to go it alone. I quickly learned to appreciate your skill and judgement, and I wish you continued success in your practice.”

AG, Los Angeles, California. October, 1999

“To Whom It May Concern,

I came to Mr. Markus in April of 1999 with a mess. I had just had a business fail, my marriage was in the dust and I was sure I had no future. Mr. Markus was a ray of hope for me. He was very clear on what he could and could not do for me and his honesty was a welcome relief from the whirlwind I was going through.

He was always prompt and clear with his answers to me. No matter how trivial they may have seemed to him. When the time came to meet with the Trustee he was there for me.

Even after the bankruptcy was over and I had some questions he was gracious enough to spare me some time.

I recommend Mr. Markus without reservation.

Should anyone wish a reference you may contact me at k.hobbs43@worldnet.att.net.”

KH Lancaster, California December, 1999

“Mark, from the get go, you were the only lawyer I even considered for my case. First, there was your web site which was clear and informative. Second, there was my initial phone call to you, at which time you talked to me at length about my case even before I hired you. During that conversation, not only was there no sales pitch, you in fact told me to think long and hard about bankruptcy and even suggested it might not be the right thing for me. Three months later, after getting my finances in the best order I could, I called again. At that time, we both agreed that bankruptcy was my best option. Third, was just a general impression I had of you — your integrity, your knowledge of bankruptcy law and your availability by phone and e-mail. Today, as I received word of my discharge, my initial instincts to go with you were once again confirmed. Thanks again for all your help.”

G. S. Studio City, CA December, 1999

“It is hard trying to find the right words to thank Mark Markus, for all that he has done for my wife and me. He made what was an embarrassing situation into a bearable one. At first I was reluctant to contact a lawyer over the Internet, but with each e-mail I became more confident that I made the right decision in choosing [him] to represent us. He thoroughly explained how the procedure would go, what to expect when we appeared in the Bankruptcy hearing. owever most of all he was always reachable whenever we needed him. He would reply to our e-mail letters almost immediately, and when we contacted him by telephone, he either picked it up or would get backto us promptly. Mark’s fees were reasonable by any standards, and I consider cheap for the services he provided. I would recommend Mark to anyone.”

P&L Sylmar, Ca., December 1999

Required Legal Disclaimer: The foregoing testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.