My Consult Philosophy

Why I Need Your Information

Thank you for considering my office for a consultation.  It is my primary goal to resolve your problems and give you solid legal advice and representation with a minimum of hassles for you.

A lot of potential clients are unhappy about providing information to me prior to scheduling an appointment to discuss their bankruptcy options.   Apparently, many bankruptcy attorneys out there require very little information prior to signing clients up (with a non-refundable retainer) for a particular chapter of bankruptcy.  I completely understand why clients just want things to be taken care of with a minimum of hassle, but there is certain information that is critical for an attorney to analyze in order to properly assess your options and advise you.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is a little bit different:  My goal is to get it right the first time.  I want to advise you properly as to your bankruptcy options so that when you DO decide to hire me, there are as little surprises or changes after as possible.  I want to give you an accurate fee quote for my services and not have to change it later.   To do this, I need certain information about your assets, debts, income and expenses.   It is simply IMPOSSIBLE to properly evaluate your options without this information, and any attorney who does so without that information is, quite simply, guessing.

See answers to Frequently Asked Questions about my consultations.

Why Don’t Other Attorneys Ask for This Information?

Other attorneys will tell you over the phone (or in person) they can do your bankruptcy case for a certain fee without getting any detailed information.  They will then send you a retainer agreement and you will send them a non-refundable deposit.    THEN you will be required to submit to them detailed written information and documentation regarding all your finances (Eventually, everyone has to put together the information and submit it to the attorney, so all you’re accomplishing with these other attorneys is postponing giving the information, at your own risk).  If it turns out then for some reason that you don’t qualify or some other issues arise, they get to keep your non-refundable deposit.  If it turns out your case is more complicated than they anticipated, you will be required to pay more money, or forfeit your deposit.  I don’t like that policy.

Are You Serious About Resolving Your Financial Issues?

What this really comes down to is how seriously you take your situation and what you’re willing to do to achieve your results.  Most people just want to throw up their hands and not do anything.   While I understand and appreciate the temptation to do this, it is unrealistic and may result in you being taken advantage of.

I’ve been doing this since 1991 and my track record speaks for itself.

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