Credit Repair After Bankruptcy: How To Improve Your Credit Score

Rebuilding Your Credit

Rebuilding your credit after filing bankruptcy is not difficult, but takes time.  My firm does not do “credit repair”, but can offer the following advice on getting started:

It is obviously important to stay current on any new or existing obligations that you have.  Taking out a new loan, even a small one, and making the monthly payments consistently and on time will cause your credit score to increase.  I find one of the most important criteria that anyone extending credit to you looks at is your job status and how long you’ve been with your present employer.  Unfortunately, people who are self-employed or change jobs often are penalized for this.

Another important thing to do is to get a copy of your credit report 6-12 months after your bankruptcy case is completed, and see if there is accurate reporting.

I recommend using 

If you find inaccurate information, you can dispute that and can also file lawsuits, if necessary, against the creditors for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).