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Van Nuys, California And Its History

Van Nuys is a part of the City of Los Angeles in the North San Fernando Valley.   The history of Van Nuys dates back to approximately 1911 and is named after Isaac Van Nuys, a real estate baron of the time.

Residents of Van Nuys have made it through the Great Depression in the 1930’s, and many recessions and hard economic times since then.

People struggling with debt want the best bankruptcy lawyer they can find in their area.

Does Best Bankruptcy Lawyer Mean Cheapest?

This may come as a surprise to many, but best does not mean least expensive.

It also does not mean the most expensive.

Cost is obviously a big concern to those with financial problems, but you need to balance quality with cost.

My firm gives the highest quality representation at fair, affordable prices.

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Experience Is Important When Choosing A Bankruptcy Attorney In Van Nuys

I have been practicing exclusively bankruptcy law in Los Angeles County since 1991.

I am a Board Certified Specialist in bankruptcy law.

I have taken over cases filed by other attorneys, or by individuals who filed by themselves without an attorney.

These cases are always problems because there are a minefield of potential bombs in a bankruptcy case, and the damage can often not be fixed after the fact.

Problems arising from poor representation can result from:

  • improperly protecting assets
  • not disclosing the proper information on the bankruptcy forms
  •  lack of experience interfacing with the Trustees and judges,
  • not putting together a strategy to accomplish your goals or knowing how to properly implement that strategy;
  • and there are many, many more ways a bankruptcy case can go wrong if not handled properly.

Trust me when I tell you that you want your case handled properly from the beginning.

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How Do I Know Which Bankruptcy Chapter To File?

The different bankruptcy chapters have different benefits and different costs and risks.

They also have different eligibility requirements.

Many factors go into deciding which Chapter to file, including:

  • The amount and types of debt that you have
  • The value of your assets/property and which exemption laws apply in your case.
  • Your current budget (income and living expenses)
  • Your income for the preceding 6 months
  • And other factors…

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A consultation with a bankruptcy attorney is needed to determine which is best for you. [pullquote]Schedule A Consult With Mark Now[/pullquote]

How The Law Office Of Mark J. Markus Handles Bankruptcy Cases

  • CONVENIENCE: I structure my bankruptcy law practice to maximize convenience to my clients, making the process as quick, easy and painless as possible for them, while also maintaining the efficiency and quality of my representation.
  • Among other ways I do this by handling the vast majority of work in cases via telephone and e-mail thereby reducing unnecessary time spent traveling for my bankruptcy clients.
  • PROMPT RETURN OF CALLS AND AVAILABILITY:   I know communication is important to my clients and to give the best service I can, I answer questions very quickly.
  • PERSONALIZED SERVICE: All legal work done on your case is done by one bankruptcy attorney, and that is me and me alone in my Los Angeles area office.  I do not use any paralegals,  secretaries, or other attorneys for preparation of any legal documents or any work done on your case.  I am the one you will be talking to and working with throughout your case.
  • FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION: I offer free initial phone consultations (and on certain days office appointments are also free) and all appointments and consultation information can be submitted securely and  easily online, or printed out and returned.
  • This enables me to review your information, anticipate problems and request additional information before our initial appointment. The reason for this is to maximize the accuracy and efficiency of our meeting because I value your time.
  • PROFESSIONAL AND AFFORDABLE: In short, my philosophy as a bankruptcy attorney is to help my clients accomplish their goals by handling their bankruptcy case the right way the first time for a fair and affordable fee.