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Simi Valley, California and Its History

Simi Valley was founded on the site of a Chumash Indian village and, in 1795, was designated a Spanish rancho.  For many years after, the settlement developed as a supply and transport center for citrus and vegetables.   Now, it is primarily residential but houses several significant landmarks, including the Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center, and both the Los Padres and Angeles National Forests.

Cheap Does Not Mean Best For Bankruptcy Lawyers

Finding a quality bankruptcy attorney in a small town can definitely be a challenge.

Bankruptcy law is very complex, with a multitude of landmines and traps.

People needing bankruptcy often have very little funds available to pay for legal services.

So being frugal is important.

But “you get what you pay for” is very true with legal representation in general, and bankruptcy counsel in particular.

You need to find an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can fully evaluate your options, determine and explain all the risks and benefits, and represent you for a reasonable fee.

Experience Is Important When Choosing A Bankruptcy Attorney In Simi Valley

I have been practicing exclusively bankruptcy law in Los Angeles County since 1991.

I am a Board Certified Specialist in bankruptcy law.

I have taken over cases filed by other attorneys, or by individuals who filed by themselves without an attorney.

These cases are always problems because there are a minefield of potential bombs in a bankruptcy case, and the damage can often not be fixed after the fact.

Problems arising from poor representation can result from:

  • improperly protecting assets
  • not disclosing the proper information on the bankruptcy forms
  •  lack of experience interfacing with the Trustees and judges,
  • not putting together a strategy to accomplish your goals or knowing how to properly implement that strategy;
  • and there are many, many more ways a bankruptcy case can go wrong if not handled properly.

Trust me when I tell you that you want your case handled properly from the beginning.

See an example of what can happen using low cost bankruptcy representation

and How To Research Your Bankruptcy Attorney Before Hiring.


“Simi Valley Amtrak Station” by Reginald1992 is licensed under CC BY 2.0